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Day 1 -Sunday, November 29

PRAY that Frances and other boys like him will find new life in Christ.


PRAY that as the boys are reconciled with their families, the families will also find hope in Jesus.


PRAY that God will bless the work of the shelter’s staff as they reach out in love to boys who are hurting.

Day 2 -Monday, November 30

PRAY that more national partners will choose to be a part of sharing the gospel across Croatia.

PRAY that more church plants will result from the radio broadcast ministry.

Day 3 -Tuesday, December 1

PRAY none of the new Christians would fall away from the faith.

PRAY those who have yet to decide will choose to commit their lives to Christ.

PRAY for the formation of healthy churches in Baan Po.

Day 4 -Wednesday, December 2

PRAY for Joe, Edwin and their teams as they share the gospel with the Akawa.

PRAY that many members of the Akawa will come to faith in Jesus.

PRAY that new Akawa believers will gather into groups and start churches.

Day 5 -Thursday, December 3

THANK GOD for the men and women who, with their children, have traveled to the ends of the earth to share the gospel with those who have never heard.

THANK GOD for the uninterrupted witness of Southern Baptists among the nations for 175 years.

ASK GOD to continue to protect missionaries and their families serving in cross-cultural and often difficult areas around the globe.

Day 6 -Friday, December 4

PRAY that the Worthys will continue to build strong relationships in Italy.

PRAY that many Italians will come to faith in Christ as a result of the Worthys’ witness.

PRAY that new Italian believers will gather into churches to reach the people of Italy with the gospel.

Day 7 -Saturday, December 5

PRAY local Christians would be bold in sharing the gospel with the Khaleela.

ASK for discernment for the Adairs and the Serranos as they share the gospel and train local Christians.

PRAY the Lord would send more Christian workers to partner with the Serranos and Adairs.

Day 8 -Sunday, December 6

PRAISE GOD for the continued work of Southern Baptists who have remained committed to reaching the lost for more than 175 years.

ASK GOD to send more individuals and churches who will be committed to the vision of reaching all nations and all peoples with the gospel.

THANK GOD for sustaining the work of missionaries through all circumstances, including the most recent global pandemic.