One sacrifice did it all of our sins.  That is all that is necessary. Christ’s atoning work on the cross satisfied God’s wrath and removed the penalty of death from us.  There is nothing else we can do, or we have to do to get right with God.  Christ’s work on the cross did it all.


         One sacrifice paid the cost.  Our belief in that sacrifice has made us ready for eternity.  No, we are not perfect, but we are being made holy by the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit.  So. stop beating yourself up over your sin.  Don’t get me wrong, your sin is wrong and needs to be confessed and turned away from, but Christ has paid the price for it.  We can’t do anything to remove it on our own.  We are sinners who come humbly before to our redeem seeking His forgiveness!  Thank him today for the grace He has shown in your life and for what is still yet to come!



This Week’s Readings…


· March 29: Joshua 14 - 17, Luke 17

· March 30: Joshua 18 - 21, Psalm 15, Luke 18

· March 31: Joshua 22—24, Psalm 116, Luke 19

· April 1: Judges 1 - 3, Psalm 16, Luke 20

· April 2: Judges 4 - 6, Luke 21